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Farm to Kitchen to Jar to

Store to Kitchen to Table!

All our chilis are artisanal small-batched & hand-crafted with the finest, all natural, farm to kitchen to jar to store to kitchen to table ingredients.


Sustainably grown, ethically sourced, never factory farmed – local grass-fed tomatoes, free-range peppers, certified-transitional onions, and wagyu cage-free livestock. Made with love and no added sugar. Organic*. Non-GMO. And always gluten-free.


"F*ck I wish I made that!"

Asset 13.png

‘Crimson’ like the sunset and ‘Smokey’ like the mountains (or maybe your Grandpa?), we're confident that our signature Turkey Chipotle Chili will elicit an enthusiastic, if not envy-tinged... F*ck I wish I made that!"  


No to worry! We'll make more!


Coming Soon!

More f*ck-I-wish-I-made-that Chili flavors...

  • White Bean Chicken.

  • Vegan Smokey Black Bean.

  • Andouille Sausage Verde.

  • Brisket & Pumpkin.

  • Peanut Chicken.

  • Bourbon Con Carne.

  • Bacon Pineapple White Bean.

  • Savory Pumpkin & Black Bean Vegan.

  • Three-Bean Pork.

  • CBD Infused Chilis too!

"Only the pure in heart can make good chili."

-Ludwig Von Beethoven-



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